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At present the army consists of a core of foot troops, backed up by mounted knights, artillery and a nearly finished Steam tank. Led, of course, by an assortment of characters.

Two units each of crossbowmen and halbardiers are compulsory in a 1000 point Warmaster Empire Army, so that's what I've got.
The crossbowmen are painted as Tilean allies, based on the Marksmen of Miragliano from the Warhammer Dogs of war range.
The halbardiers are from Middenheim and Middenland, in either blue and white quartered uniforms (Middenheim) or plain blue (Middenland).
I'm in the process of painting another two units each of these. The halbardiers will all be Middenheim men, the crossbowmen may this time be Middenland state troops. I may also get some Kislev foot troops, axemen and archers. Their profiles are the same in the game as halbardiers and crossbowmen, so I can just substitute them for the basic troops.


I also have one unit of handgunners, painted in the blue of Middenland (Middenheimers are very traditional and eschew the use of gunpowder) and a unit of Flagellants, dressed all in rags.


Middenland Handgunners

The first unit of cavalry in the army of the White Wolf is a unit of Knights of the White Wolf. These are made using the White Wolf model that can be found in the Empire characters pack. By judicious swapping I managed to get 12 of these beauties, enough for a complete unit.

White Wolf Thumb
Knights of the White Wolf

Kislev winged lancers form my second unit of cavalry. I based them just 3 to a base to give them a looser, wilder feel, although it makes no difference under the rules, they're all just knights.

Kislev Winged Lancers

Lastly my unit of horse archers, again based only 3 to a stand for a wilder feel.

Kislev Horse Archers

As part of my expansion to 2000 points I'll be painting some pistoliers, most likely in the blue of Middenland (young nobles from Middenheim want to be White Wolves and spend their time practising with hammers, not pistols!)

The hellblaster is painted in the colours of Middenheim, which doesn't quite fit the background, but I painted it without thinking. I guess it was a gift to the Elector Count of Middenheim and he felt he couldn't turn it down!

A Hellblaster, with unfinished crew

The cannons are just in the royal blue of Middenland.

The mortar is somehow more appropriate I feel, it's a bit more primitive.

A Middenheim Mortar

Lastly a steam cannon. I know, not really appropriate for a Middenheim army, but it's just such a cool model.......

Steam Tank (work in progress)



This army usually goes to war led by a general
Two heroes, one mounted on a griffon
And a wizard.




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